Houding & Balans has moved

It gives a mixed feeling to leave the Emmastraat. We leave behind colleagues that we enjoyed working with, but we get new colleagues and a very nice space in return. The cooperation with colleagues on Emmastraat will of course remain unchanged, only now at a distance.


We started on our our new location:

Schouwinkstraat 47-A

7531 AG Enschede


Soon we wil put some pictures on the website and our socials.

Welcome to Houding & Balans,

Houding & Balans works according to the oefentherapie Mensendieck method. The idea behind oefentherapie Mensendieck is that physical pain or unease  can arise or be sustained through incorrect posture and movement. By approaching and recognizing  your body as a whole we can, among other things, treat back complaints, shoulders, neck, headaches, breathing problems and hypermobility.



Our aim is to help you find balance between your posture and physical movement and to give you control over your physical complaints.


Our main  objective is to help you find the balance between your posture and physical movement and to help you gain control over your physical ailments or conditions.
In this way you will become a therapist of your own body.

Looking forward to helping you.


Yours sincerely,


Marieke Beens, oefentherapeut Mensendieck

Amber Gosemeijer, oefentherapeut Mensendieck