Oefentherapie Mensendieck

The basis of the treatment revolves around a posture and physical movement that is balanced.


Due to various factors, a posture and movement may have developed less favorably and as a result may be out of balance. Factors can include: pain, certain work, stress or a growth spurt.

Together with you, I will look at your daily activities (work, school, sports, leisure, etc.) and how you use your posture and movement and in some cases burden your body. During the posture examination I will show you through using two mirrors and let you feel what is not in balance in your posture. We then work towards a more favorable posture and movement in the following sessions.


To ensure that you can maintain a favorable posture we use exercises. The exercises can be used for more mobility, strength, balance or relaxation. The posture and the exercises go hand in hand during the treatment.

I always strive for the “Oh yes” experience. Becoming aware of the relationship between your posture and movement  to your physical pain or unease … in your daily life.

Help request

Oefentherapie Mensendieck can be used for various  help requests, for example:

Prevention (preventing complaints); For children and adolescents with posture or spine problems for example scoliosis or Scheuermann’s disease. But also for adults who notice that their posture is not favorable or maybe even unflattering and therefor want to prevent worse physcical problems developing because of that.

Curative (resolving); These are conditions that have arisen or are maintained by an unfavorable posture and movement.

Easing symptoms; With long-term disease or chronic pain it can help to learn how to deal with your posture and movement in order to use your body as optimally as possible and to minimize the symptoms. Osteoarthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia and MS are some examples.

For more information about specific help questions, click here.

When in doubt about the right therapy

Are you unsure which therapy is best for your ailment or what suits you best? Please contact me for more information. You can also come by for a one-off enquiry or examination. After one of these, I can tell you what I can do specifically for you or whether I think you should go to a colleague.