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From 1 februari 2021 until 30 june 2021 Houding & Balans has a fourth-year student taking her internship with us.

Intern introduces herself

My name is Marelle Hilberink and I am a fourth-year student of Mensendieck Therapy at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. During my learning trajectory I followed the minor in Rehabilitation at Saxion Hogeschool in Enschede and during my Bachelor Thesis I researched activities / tools that can contribute to stimulating healthy exercise behavior in the elderly.



I am now in the last year of my education and I am doing my graduation internship with Marieke Beens: Houding & Balans and with Jeanet Lubeck: Paramedisch Centrum Tijhuis. The branch of Mensendieck Therapy that really appeals to me is rehabilitation and geriatrics, but I actually feel at home in all the different branches of the profession. As for me the most important thing for a Mensendieck Therapist is treating the self-reliance of clients for the prevention and reduction of complaints and an improvement of the quality of life.

Important and TIPS


Don't wait to call if you have physical complaints. We are alowd to work in the practice again and next to that there is a lot more we can do over the phone or with videoconference.


Pay attention to your posture when you work from home. Make sure you have the same work attitude (physical and mental) as when you are on the workplace. So take your brake, get your own coffee and walk to that colleage with witch you have a telephone appointment.


Make sure that everybody who works from home (also the children) has a good workplace to work from. 


Keep excersising, be creative and use what you have at home. 

Working from home for your job or for school.